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Understanding who we are as human beings is important for shaping our lives. We offer inspiring insights from philosophical traditions that help us fully engage with our own life’s adventure.

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You cannot help but look within yourself (…) to explore how you have found meaning in your own life.

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Our Team

Emma Cohen de Lara, PhD
Board Member

Lecturer at Amsterdam University College

Antoon van den Boogaard, MA
Board Member

Lecturer at Amsterdam University
Business Ethics Advisor and Radio Presentor

Daniel Bernardus, PhD

Lecturer at Amsterdam University College
and author of educational books

Hugo Wijns

Hugo Wijns, MA
Board Member

Teacher philosophy and religion at
Trinitas gymnasium

Christiana Kosta

Christiana Kosta

Student at Amsterdam University College


David Mukantagengwa

Psychology Student at
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Anne-moon Baas

Anne-Moon Baas

Student at Amsterdam University College

Alexis Prins

Alexis Prins
Hands-on Manager

About us

Canyons and Stars is a movement of educators

At Canyons and Stars we believe that young people should be given hope by teaching them how to embrace reality and discover their personal calling. 

The depths of Canyons and the heights of Stars are far apart, yet paint a beautiful picture together, provide an opportunity to explore, and make us wonder about the meaning of things. We believe that both the depths of human experience and the heights of the loftiest ideals all merit our attention so that we can make our lives into a beautiful and meaningful adventure.


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    Personal growth, what do we mean by that? Through reading “Freedom in Quarantine” you’ll be able to get a deeper view! Join Canyons and Stars, and you will get a free pdf of “Freedom in Quarantine” to learn about personal growth. That is our welcome gift! […]